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In February 2020, Summit League chose the Bill Wilson Center (BWC) as the beneficiary of their 2021 Spring Event fundraiser. Summit League’s goal was to raise funds to assist in the building of a much-needed drop-in shelter facility. However, when the COVID-19 global pandemic hit home in mid-March and the Shelter in Place order was mandated, Summit League cancelled our 2021 Spring Event due to future uncertainties.  In the meantime, as a result of the Corona virus, Bill Wilson Center’s clients were losing jobs, access to free and reduced school meals, and many life sustaining essentials we take for granted.

Bill Wilson Center immediately turned its attention to providing nutritious meals for its clients and family members at its Drop-in and Youth Shelter facilities. In addition, BWC was responsible for addressing the food insecurity needs of the youth and young parents with families who are living in its permanent supportive housing site in Santa Clara. With the costs of feeding its clients’ almost doubling overnight, and fundraising opportunities in a state of indefinite uncertainty, Summit League turned their attention to feeding BWC’s immediate need to ensure their clients receive nutritious and life-sustaining meals during this very challenging and uncertain time…And we need your help!


  • 74% of Bill Wilson Center’s youth and families are on the brink of homelessness due to COVID-19 related job losses. BWC is working to keep them securely housed.
  • 59% of BWC’s youth who are sheltering in place, not attending school and not working, due to the pandemic, are finding it difficult to access food, during this time. Bill Wilson Center is coming to their aid and providing more meals than ever before.
  • BWC is providing Chromebooks, laptops and internet connectivity to low-income families who do not have the resources for their children to comply with distance learning, due to COVID-19.
  • BWC has increased staffing to provide much-needed support and services to attend to youth who are sequestered, due to COVID-19 sheltering in place mandates.
  • Now more than ever, BWC’s Safety Net Shelter is essential for homeless youth to find a safe place to stay during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • BWC has taken strict precautionary measures in all program sites by screening youth for flu-like symptoms, requiring the wearing of masks and distributing masks to those who need them, and installing hand-washing stations at Drop-In Center for homeless street youth.